English Language Sprechstunde

Worum geht es?

Hey Folks,
your English is nicht the Yellow from the Ei? – You should ask the English Guy!
Übersetzungen, Lektorat, Strategie, freies Vortragen/Pitchen…..The English Guy hilft!

Schwerpunkte der Sprechstunde:

„I offer English presentation workshops for business leaders and sales teams. A mixed bag of language coaching and public speaking skills. My intensive training will get you up to speed. I`m your guy for proofreading, ad hoc translation and other English language needs. From translation (DE:EN) to proofreading to actually teaching. My venture, however, is focused solely on Public Speaking/Rhetoric Courses in English, which I will offer to executives primarily on weekends. That said: I am here for you folks, so I will gladly help with email marketing strategy, website translation/proofreading, localisation, video/elevator pitch scripting and anything else that is helpful.“


Jeden Dienstag im Monat von 10 bis 12 Uhr.
Du möchtest eine Sprechstunde buchen? Klicke hier: www.youcanbook.me/Logan Williams

Über den Referenten:


Logan Williams

Fast 10 Jahre Erfahrung in Business English Unterricht. Englisch-Muttersprachler aus Australien. Seine Schwerpunkte: Business Model Canvas, Customer Research, Minimal viable product, IT & Software, Marketing und Investoren Gespräche.