DeveloperSpace Cologne

Coworking for developers.

DeveloperSpace Cologne

Focus meets collaboration.

"I was looking for a place where I could concentrate on my projects. Usually, coworking spaces are not necessarily suitable. It’s quite different in DeveloperSpace. There is a very calm and considerate atmosphere."

Philipp Reinking, BotReach

Benefit from a place where innovation and motivation meet.

As a developer, it's not easy in coworking spaces. Lots of people, lots of voices, and constant bustle. It never really gets that quiet. Concentration and focus are the most important components of your work.

We have made it our task to create an infrastructure that enables you to do just that. Flexible working in quiet rooms. And even more: A network, good conversations with founders, innovators other developers and experts of the Rhineland startup scene, coporates, investors and much more await you in DeveloperSpace Cologne. 

Quiet zone

Coffee & kitchen

Highspeed WiFi  (1Gbit)




Office supplies

Business address (optional)

Chillout area

Phone cells

Networking events

Your benefits

150€/ month

In addition to the quiet coworking area, we offer you retreats where you can hold meetings and make undisturbed phone calls. A chillout area offers relaxation after a few hours of hard work.

The minimum contract duration is 1 month after conclusion of the contract. This allows you to stay flexible and use coworking as you please. Here you can find our AGB's.

Yes, besides the additional advantages of the DeveloperSpace, all advantages of the STARTPLATZ membership are included.


How long does the membership last?

What are the other benefits of membership?

Do I also get all the benefits of STARTPLATZ membership?

Can I bring my own equipment?

Of course you can bring your own equipment. The tables can be furnished during the day from 9-18 o'clock arbitrarily. You can also store your things in the STARTPLATZ. For an extra charge you can rent a locker.

When do I have access to the coworking area?

You can use the coworking area from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. 

Why do I have to apply for a coworking place?

We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from a coworking space. A room with others who prefer the same working atmosphere makes it more comfortable for everyone.

Apply now!

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