Making Native Advertising Work For You


A quick introduction to Native advertising, with examples, best practices, and tips & tricks on how to find success in the clutter that is Native advertising. Native advertising is HUGE. The leading native platform in the US, Taboola, has more desktop traffic than Facebook! Herein lies the challenge of Native advertising; it's massive and overwhelming when you start. No native advertiser starts on Native and makes money off the start - it takes time and perseverance to test different ads, angles, products, and flows. In this small workshop I'll to my best to share my experience as a Media Buyer for an agency spending $ millions across the world on Facebook and Native. By sharing my best practices, strategies, and know-how you can get an introduction to Native and decide whether it's something you'd like to pursue for your company. Please feel free to bring along materials for ads of your products/service. If time permits I'd like to break out into groups to conduct an ad brainstorm for each participant. I'm a big fan of interactive discussions vs. linear power points.

Target Audience

  • Individuals interested in Digital Marketing
  • Facebook advertisers looking to expend their reach with Native ads
  • Companies looking to advertise online
  • Affiliates looking to run offers on Native traffic sources

Why should I join?

  • An intro to Native advertising
  • Decide whether Native advertising is right for you
  • Learn the basics of advertising on Native and ask questions to someone who's spending $1000's a day on Native
  • The Focus Of The Workshop

    • Intro to Native
    • Where to start
    • Comparing Taboola, Outbrain, and Gemini
    • What to consider when creating your first ad
    • Optimizing offer/flow/placements & adss
    Info: Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt!

    About the speaker


    Nadim Kuttab

    6h Media

    A native English speaker with a German passport. Nadim grew up in an expat family living between Africa, the MENA region, Asia and Europe. Completing his masters in Political Science at CIFE in Nice and Berlin, he pivoted to marketing and moved to Cologne in August last year. Currently with 6H Media on the first floor of Startplatz, Nadim runs the Native media buying efforts of the company. 


    Eine kostenlose Stornierung ist bis zu 5 Tage vor Workshop-Beginn möglich, bei Stornierung danach fällt die volle Teilnahmegebühr zzgl. Mehrwertsteuer an.


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