Does your business idea rock or suck? You need a way to find out .. fast! It's such a waste of time to work on a business idea for months only to learn that nobody gives a shit.


After 10 years in the startup game, I wish I could have the time back that I spend on ideas that I should have let go ... way earlier. There is no such thing as a guarantee for success, no matter how much you validate, but it made a huge difference in my success rate in the long term.

The resulting structured approach to validating business ideas is the topic of this workshop. We build a couple of landing pages per week for 2 years and build 6 apps as a result. We are going to share how we:

  • 1. Come up with new ideas
  • 2. Build simple landing pages
  • 3. Send targeted traffic there
  • 4. Collect emails from interested users
  • 5. Learn from customer development surveys
  • 6. Decide which ideas to pursue and which to kill

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