In this Pirate Skills workshop, you will learn how to create and promote your own videos on Facebook and Instagram.


Workshop Outcomes:

  • You have and can use a mobile video studio
  • You have a FB & IN video retargeting campaign setup

Both platforms are moving fast toward a video focused future. Engagement and conversion rates for videos have exceeded images and text for quite some time now. But the general opinion is that videos are too difficult and expensive to create. That's true if you still live in a desktop world with Adobe Premiere as editing software and over-polished TV ads as the role models in mind. Since photo and video creation moved into the mobile world thanks to apps like Quik by GoPro, Videoleap and Adobe Spark, almost everything got a lot easier. Want to turn your old images into a video with cool background music? 15 minutes will do the trick.

Why should you care? Video captures the attention of your audience through moving images much faster than static photos. Plus, you have an audio track that gives your audience much more context about your product, service or cause. That makes them more likely to know what they are getting into, once the click through to your website, which increases the conversion rate.

Did you know that you can retarget everyone on Facebook who has watched your videos for 3 seconds or more? That means you can show them one video, then the next and the next. Just the way you want your story to be told. We'll set that up together in your own account.

I want you walk to out of this workshop and have a couple of cool video ads to use from now on. Plus, a good campaign setup for Facebook and Instagram video retargeting that you can start using from time on you are ready and have little (or a lot) of budget.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch!


Ben Sufiani

Captain, Pirate Skills

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a:Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne, Germany