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Jessica Ströhmann & Katharina Leistenschneider

Jessica Ströhmann & Katharina Leistenschneider

Service Design Team



Katharina Leistenschneider is the INNOVATION RADICAL that breathes Service Design enriching the team of Design Thinkers, Innovation Coaches and Strategists with her expertise. She loves to dive deep into the world of users and is curious how service systems work in a valuable way both for service provider and individuals experiencing the service in front stage. Her main passion lies in Service Design for healthcare but at the same time she is keen on discovering new fields and exploring other cultures; this is what she did until today when she was working in Brazil, Greece, and the Netherlands. Back in Germany where she started her professional Service Design journey at the Köln International School of Design and provided Service Design for social innovation, public services, insurances and various other fields. She is always searching for other people to exchange their individual and often unique experiences. Together with the INNOVATION RADICALS she is facilitating co-creation sessions ranging from 2h workshop up to Service Design projects over a few weeks. From her experience gained in the foreign countries she lived in and travelled she is gifted with a great sense of empathy for cultures and languages. This way she enjoys to dance through life, and nightlife, of course ;)

Jessica Ströhmann is the INNOVATION RADICALS Service Designer, who has the eye on the user’s needs. She is specialized in qualitative user research and Service Design. Through co-creative methods and her empathic way of thinking, she considers the perspectives of all stakeholders and especially likes to observe the bigger picture. She has practiced Service Design in the context of internal processes of a company, as well as worked on projects developing innovative products and services in fields such as public transportation, communication, immigration and insurance. Within the last years, she lived and worked in different countries which broadened her horizon and allowed her to gain a wider understanding for different cultures and trends. She holds a Master’s degree in Service Systems Design from the Aalborg University of Copenhagen.