Caer Sidi


Kyiv-Minsk-Düsseldorf stage: seed // website: // domain: // slug: caer-sidi // status: active //
rheinlandPitch: applicant // pitchNumber: 92-duesseldorf,94-vodafone-uplift-special // pitchDate: 2020-06-08 // pitchTopic: Vodafone UPLIFT Special //
description: industry: Other // industryCondensed: Other // customerFocus: unknown // businessModel: Other // tags: // foundationYear: // employeesCount: 15 // revenue: // funding: // investors: //
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Number of Employees: 15
oneSentencePitch: We have developed a technology for improving souvenir products based on NFC chips. We call it Merch 2.0 technology. With our service, every customer of your, for example, T-shirt with our NFC chip gets instant access to the Internet space with exclusive content. This will increase the client's pleasure from such a souvenir. You can learn more about our technology from the attached presentation.