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Tel Aviv stage: // website: https://www.razor-labs.com // domain: razor-labs.com // slug: razorlabs // status: active //
rheinlandPitch: // pitchNumber: // pitchDate: 2021-10-26 // pitchTopic: //
description: industry: Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 // industryCondensed: Other // customerFocus: B2B, B2G // businessModel: unknown // tags: Deep Learning // foundationYear: 2016 // employeesCount: 51-200 // revenue: // funding: Bootstrapped // investors: //
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Number of Employees: 51-200
oneSentencePitch: Razor Labs is constructing tailor-made neural networks. The company is utilizing deep reinforcement learning for business processes optimization while maximizing revenue. The company's DataMind is an optimization platform that virtualizes manufacturing processes. Through the platform, the company creates an agent that can become an auto-pilot, making decisions that are supposed to maximize the customer yield every day.
Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Deep Learning
SNTM Batch #2 Session 4 - Use Cases at 2020-07-21

In this Session of SNTM, David Rafael, Head of RnD at RazorLabs, presents a Use Case of their collaboration with a major mining company in Australia and how they were able to detect anomalies and optimize processes within the company, using the data minin

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SNTM Batch #2 Session 4 - Use Cases at 2020-07-21 at 2020-07-21

Use Case

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