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Bringing two champions together: #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND unites Israeli startups and German SME – The official launch

It finally happened: With the official launch of the remote accelerator program named #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND, the groundwork for strengthened business ties between Germany and Israel was laid. The project that was initiated by STARTPLATZ, the Israeli Innovation Authority and The Israel Economic and Trade Mission in Berlin, kicked off with the Opening Event on […]

„We want to make a change and increase the medical quality provided by hospitals“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 5/5 – CardioConform

Philipp and Martin knew that they wanted to start their own business latest since they supported founders in the healthcare environment at RWTH Aachen. With their startup CardioConform, the two founders fulfilled their dream and now aim at improving databases and analysis as well as transferring business analysis concepts to the medical world in order […]

„Video messages should be about friendship, not just self-centric“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 4/5 – swinx

Arian and Boris from swinx developed their video app to make social media videos more interactive and empower young people to implement other videos in their own recordings that they and their friends love. The goal of the Accelerator team: less focus on self-centric monologues, more focus on friendship. We met the two founders and […]

„Founding a business is all about connecting the dots“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 3/5 – Tanzguru

The third part of our Accelerator series revolves around dancing. Since Tanzguru was founded in 2018, Isa, Luis and André have been working towards bringing together dance schools, dance teachers and dance enthusiasts more easily and quickly and thus encourage more people to dance in Germany. We met Isa, co-founder of Tanzguru, who told us […]

„There are hundreds of photos but the best ones you’re not getting“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 2/5 – Vodo

In part two of our Accelerator Series, we want to introduce you to Stefan from Vodo. His photo challenge app aims at bringing joy to parties and events and enables guests to find their very best pictures amongst the multitude of photos that would otherwise be lost in WhatsApp groups or photo libraries.

„We are revolutionizing Data Connectivity“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 1/5 – Quidtree

Quidtree founders Nick and David want to revolutionize the market by providing a data transfer solution that is easy to use and saves valuable time and money. With their innovative solution, Quidtree made it to the second phase of Batch #19 of STARTPLATZ Accelerator alongside four other teams. This interview with Nick marks the start of our […]

#STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND: Neue Initiative vernetzt israelische High-Tech Startups mit dem rheinischen Mittelstand

Köln / Düsseldorf, 18. Juni 2019. Israel wird oft als “Startup-Nation” betitelt, denn das Land hält die Poleposition im Innovationsbereich und bei disruptiven Technologien. Zum ersten Mal wird nun die israelische Regierung ihre top High-Tech Startups außerhalb des eigenen Landes proaktiv nach Europa vermitteln – und das gemeinsam mit STARTPLATZ gezielt an den rheinischen Mittelstand, […]

Germany’s unshakable economy: How the most innovative SMEs shape the country’s industrial landscape

The “German Mittelstand” is known internationally for its innovative technology and strong economy. And yet: Despite the seemingly unshakable economy, many of Germany’s small and middle-sized-companies seem to struggle with the uprising challenges that come with digitalization. Challenges that need confrontation and the support from outside. So why not bring together SMEs and startups, take […]

The missing link to innovation: ARRA fosters cooperations between startups and SMEs

The so called “German Mittelstand” makes up for 99.6 % of the business density in the country and represents a strong and stable economy. And yet there is one thing that the successful mid-sized-companies seem to struggle with: the pressing challenges that come with the digital transformation. Driven by the vision to close this gap […]

New Access Rhineland Remote Accelerator supports Germany’s Mittelstand companies on their Digital Transformation journey

Germany has a unique competitive advantage in the global marketplace: The ‘Mittelstand’, i.e. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises or ‘SMEs’, are the envy of many developed economies and include more global market leaders than those of any other nation. However, digitalisation presents many companies with new challenges, in which they can be supported especially by innovative […]

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