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Wir zeigen hier Produkte, die andere Startups geschaffen haben und die nützlich für die Mitglieder unserer Community sind. Das können Alltagsprodukte sein, wie Socken, T-Shirts oder Schuhe. Es können aber auch neue Food-Konzepte oder Drinks sein. Wichtig ist uns nur, dass die Produkte von Startups stammen.

Wir werden über die nächsten Wochen Produkt-Partner suchen, sie portraitieren und die Produkte hier vorstellen. Willst du Produkt-Partner werden und dein eigenes innovatives Produkt hier listen? Kennst du noch weitere Produkte, die unbedingt hier gelistet sein sollten? Mit Celina Kontakt aufnehmen 


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We have been in the startup ecosystem for over a decade as serial entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors across Asia and Europe and have decades of experience in fortune 100 like Allianz, Microsoft, Oracle and other great companies. 

We have helped startups and organisations grow in different markets, built massive IT and operations centres, and scaled them to thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars.

As a founder or an owner of a company/division, you should concentrate on the priorities and outsource the non-value adding time-consuming but essential deliverables. We exactly did these when we were founders.

With this diverse experience of People, Process, and Technology, we want to create Time and Monetary Value for our customers at corporates and startups.


Current Services

Digital Footprint:

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the value of TIME & how long it takes for Search Engine Optimisation plus Social Media Marketing & even tracked it at about a minimum of 200-300 hours per month for about six months. Paying Google for a paid marketing campaign will only not do, as, after the campaign, you won't rank higher if you haven't done SEO 


The best impact we got from videos as founders even in 2013 was when we sent it to investors. When the investors like your startup's explanatory video, they already are mapping things in their brains. How to distribute/partner or which startup in their portfolio will help you or market potential, and so on. Then they will certainly ask you for the pitch deck, and the conversation has already begun. This context is also factual for your customers or partners.

The other productivity is when we placed it on our home page or used it for Social Media campaigns or growth hacking methods to launch a new service. Now, as Mentors/Advisors or Business Angels, we don't have time to curate every startup's deck but prefer a video first & videos have the power to become a conversation starter. 

We have also seen founders being innovative by having a QR code on the visiting card and hola; you can see their startup at work.

Website Development

Software Development (Coming Soon)


As a startup, you can take advantage of our partner's services, be it an ecosystem, business or technology partner. And in some cases, we have even curated an offer for you. We all the time are adding partners.



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