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Batch #26 - Focus: 

Tech, Web 3.0, NFT & Metaverse startups


As the largest innovation network in NRW, STARTPLATZ provides guidance and founding expertise to its startup teams and freelancers. By connecting innovators and philantropists throughout Germany, STARTPLATZ helps young startups grow and makes relevant innovation happen on a daily basis. Based on STARTPLATZ' years of experience we offer STARTPLATZ Accelerator as a hands-on program for the most promising tech-startups in our community.

Focus Topic for Batch #26

In addition to supporting startups with digital business models, we also have another focus topic this year: STARTPLATZ goes Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse

Around the world, platforms and ecosystems are increasingly defining the rules of digital business. For several years now, the next evolutionary stage of digital business models and technologies has been accelerating: Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse and platforms. In Web 3.0, ownership and control are largely decentralized and orchestrated with tokens. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Metaverse also fall into this context. NFTs open up exciting opportunities for new business approaches through the new securitization possibilities of digital and tangible items and assets in both B2C and B2B. The

Metaverse offers new touchpoints and spaces for existing business models to be implemented in 3D interaction spaces. 

In the Startup Accelerator program, we combine expertise from digital business models, Web 3.0, NFTs and Metaverse with our large STARTPLATZ network and thereby aim to support startups from various digital fields. Both startups with a digital business model in general and startups that focus specifically on these topics are in good hands with us and can benefit from the broad expertise of our ecosystem. 

Our teams of the current Batch #26

We are back! On site for Batch #26

Our program is going hybrid!

Back to our roots.

After two years of remote accelerating, we are hosting our next Accelerator batch at STARTPLATZ Cologne and Düsseldorf. That means we are back to live workshops and expert sessions, in person founders sessions, and reviving our CoWorking Spaces. Of course, we will also host the program online as our mentors are spread out Europe-wide.

At STARTPLATZ we believe that real human connection is the foundation of networking. Our offices in Cologne and Düsseldorf offer the perfect space to connect with fellow founders, join events, and build friendships and partnerships.

Fields of Application











Social Media


Real Estate

Your benefits in the program

Together with the startups, we develop a program tailored to you and your needs.

Network & Exposure

Investment Support 

Web 3.0 Community

Gain insights from our mentors, partners, and experiences founders in our weekly expert sessions.

Benefit from our large network of founders, mentors, investors, corporates, and innovators and gain exposure via our marketing channels.

Learn about startup financing step by step and meet the Investors and VCs in our network.

Get Access to a rapidly growing Web 3.0 Community in Gemany.


Dive into our community of over ver 1900 startup people. Find other like-minded founders at STARTPLATZ. 

Next to our program STARTPLATZ offers a variety of events such as pitch competitions, networking events, Community BBQs, parties and more.

We are your sparring partner! Dive deeper with us in 1on1s with our coaches and mentors. 

As a STARTPLATZ member you have access to special discounts for tools and software packages. 


Meet our mentors and learn from the best

The expertise of 75+ mentors and experts in our network.

Hamidreza Hosseini


Stefania Kalinska


Christoph Hagenkötter 


Frank Zimmerer


Manaén Yosef Stürenberg Herrera


Louis Schulze 


Michael Hajut


Adrian Wilbrandt


Our Mentors & Ambassadors

Nico Limberg

Laid Back Ventures


What our alumni say about us

Dr. Med. Alice Martin, COO of dermanostic

Benjamin Dammertz, CEO of FoxBase

Manuel Born, Co-Founder at payactive

"STARTPLATZ has strongly supported us as a medical company in the installation and planning as well as the network. We have received extensive knowledge in the area of PR as well as organizational structure. The community at STARTPLATZ is supportive, familial and network-oriented. A perfect start for every start-up."

"The STARTPLATZ Accelerator was extremely helpful for us in the initial phase. The program was well-structured, and competent speakers always provided relevant input. Especially the strong network and the corresponding contacts to corporates, investors, but also to fellow founders were of great value."

"payactive was accepted into STARTPLATZ in 2020. This was an important and helpful step for the founding team, as linking up with companies and the local start-up scene helped payactive to acquire its first customers. The trainings and coachings were also very good and helped to lay the foundation for the establishment of the company."

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