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If you are interested in funding and leading a Startup, you have to be equipped with a huge spectrum of fundamental knowledge. This spectrum ranges from the very first beginning; the launch, the way of financing, the legal frame and the development and promotion of a product, which is truly convincing and well-engineered.
Even if you can say, that you joined an optimal education and training in this, you will still have questions concerning these topics. Right here you can take benefit of our multitude of workshops and seminars.
These workshops deal with tools and knowledge of fundamental aspects like funding and establishing a business concept as well as detailed planning and organization knowledge, which sharpen your skills and strengthen you as an incorporator.
Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Scrum and Business Model Canvas are only a few in a universe of tools , which develop the idea in your head to a profitable and growing business. International Corporations, as well as one-man enterprises, benefit from these tools by reaching more and more milestones of success, no matter the financial sourcing.
The program is divided into five sectors which give you both a wide overview and a detailed insight on the topic.
If you do not feel comfortable with the specific buzzwords right now, you can find them in a list below with several short and helpful explanations.
If you have any further questions concerning the workshops and seminars, check the FAQ for all the necessary answers to the Startup Academy.

Here you learn how to increase the use of recent and basic methods, which higher the efficiency and productivity of your business model or prototype in its maximum.
Among other topics, these workshops deal with Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Scrum and User Story Training.

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How can I best finance my business? Which finance-model is the best fit for my company? What legal form should I choose, and what are my rights, duties, and obligations?
Everything you should and must know: learn it here.

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In recent days there is barely a company without its own website. Many Startups are based on a business model grounded in a digital concept.
In this unit, you get a closer look at the basics of programming and scripting. Even if you are no idea about programming, you will learn how to develop a Minimum Viable Product or your website, plus how to optimize it with SEO.

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You already established your business concept and developed your product. You are ready to go. The next big step is how to promote it and find the right target group. In this module, you will learn to use and optimize the right tools and techniques to reach the right people.

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03.08.2021 12:00 Online Circle Marketing: Influencermarketing für Startups

Communication is powerful! Communication is cheap! If you communicate right, your business profits almost limitless from your activities.
See how to take maximal benefits from the right way of communication. Learn from Good-Case-Practice and people who hit the optimal tone and placed their products right, by addressing the right people with the right channels, day per day.

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Startup Academy FAQ

Which option shall I choose?

There are two different categories of tickets: STARTPLATZ Member – choose this one, in the case that you are a member of the circle of our customers, if not, choose this one standard. Whether you are a customer of ours or not, you can take benefit of our Early-Bird tickets!

I am not available when my workshop starts, what should I do?

Don´t worry! The Workshops of a Module are at least once every three months. Stay calm, wait a few weeks and you’ll get a second opportunity!

Besides interest, do I need to prepare anything else for the seminar?

No, at least if you are not advised to! Naturally, it might be very useful to carry a Laptop with you, in case you are going to join an IT or Software-Workshop. If you need more information, just take a look in the description of the seminar.

Honestly, there are some topics where I don’t have a clue how to handle these things. Is it still useful to visit these workshops, although I am an absolute beginner?

Yes of course! Every single seminar of the Startup Academy is a beginners-Workshop, so that is not required to have specific knowledge. At the same time, it shouldn’t prevent you from participating in case you are already equipped with deeper knowledge. If you think you are on an advanced level, you still can learn a lot about a topic! That’s why we only hire experts who have been involved in the topic for several years; so they teach you something you don’t already know.

Do I get a certificate for participating in the seminar?

Of course! Upon request, we will provide you with a Certificate of Participation underlining your new professional skills.

Can you invoice my payment?

Yes, If it is necessary to pay by invoice, for tax purposes, for example, simply click „Kauf auf Rechnung“ when you book via Eventbrite.

Are the seminar fees tax deductible?

Yes absolutely.

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