We are Team STARTPLATZ for your founding idea.


Dr. Lorenz Gräf


Lorenz is the founder and CEO of STARTPLATZ. He was previously founder and CEO of Globalpark, but he missed a comprehensive incubator concept in the Rhineland, so he promptly built his own. Since then, Lorenz has been highly successful in the startup scene.

Johannes Gräf


Johannes makes sure that every member can work well at STARTPLATZ. No matter if it's about tariffs, team offices or IT - Johannes has the overview and knows an answer to every question.

Alexandra Thelen

CFO and Human Resources

Alexandra manages the accounting of STARTPLATZ with dedication. In personnel matters, she is the right contact person and is always on hand to answer questions. She also likes to surprise the team with a big plate of pastries or fresh fruit for everyone.

Kira Brücksken

Conference Room Management

Kira and Service are synonyms! She is the contact person for events and room bookings with us and takes care of ensuring that all guests are satisfied with dedication. Like the entire STARTPLATZ, she has internalized networking and knows every catering sales representative in NRW!

Janina Schmieds

Accelerator Program Manager

Janina is the connection point between teams & mentors, and makes sure that our accelerator startups always get the support they need.

Laura Kuppelwieser

Event and Incubation Management

Laura is an event manager and self-proclaimed sustainability ambassador here at STARTPLATZ. She is your contact person for all events, workshops, lectures, or meetups. She demonstrates her strategic planning not only in her job but also on the football table - but there is still room for improvement there!

Carolin Heuser

Marketing Management

Caro is responsible for marketing and communication at STARTPLATZ. Whether it's blog posts, newsletters, or content creation for social media, Caro has her hands on it. As a true Cologne girl, she always has a witty remark on her lips.

Matthias Gräf


Matthias co-founded STARTPLATZ with his father and is responsible for strategic direction. He is the contact person for the corporate sector and finds the perfect starting point in STARTPLATZ for every company.

Verena Bornmann

Front Desk-Management

Verena is the first smiling face that welcomes you to STARTPLATZ Düsseldorf. She is your contact person for all questions about the Düsseldorf location. Your happiness is her top priority.

Lukas Stratmann

Sales Manager

Lukas is responsible for Sales & good vibes at STARTPLATZ. His main task is to make sure that the STARTPLATZ community is constantly growing with new exciting startups and partners. As a psychology and business graduate with a soft spot for technology, he brings a unique perspective. He is passionate about bringing more innovation to Cologne, Düsseldorf and STARTPLATZ!

Carl-Louis Rückerl

Web and product development

Carl-Louis is a working student in web and product development. His current life has led him to the Philippines, which means that STARTPLATZ now has a branch office in Southeast Asia. He is involved in making all the changes to the website and developing tools.

Gerrit Ziemer

Web and product development

Gerrit is a freelance web developer who implements new features and resolves any arising bugs on our website remotely. As a globetrotter, he is currently based in Tunisia and is particularly interested in getting to know other cultures, ways of life, and solutions for a more sustainable world.