Learn about the processes and tools that allow your domain experts to focus on your company's "Fachlichkeit" and all the benefits that come with Domain-Specific Languages.


Introduction to Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) Illustration of real-life industry use cases that benefit from DSLs Hands-on demonstration (Live Coding!) on how open-source language workbenches can be used to develop customized DSLs

Die Schwerpunkte des Workshops

  • Design and usage of Domain-Specific Languages (with Jetbrains MPS)
  • How and why DSLs can help you


  • People with basic programming knowledge
  • People looking for an innovative solution to complex problems spaces

Warum sollte ich teilnehmen?

  • Participants will learn what DSLs are and what benefits that can bring to development processes
  • Participants will learn how other companies (Siemens Healthineers, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and more) successfully use DSLs in their daily business
  • Participants get a hands-on demo showing the most central aspects of language development using a freely available open source tool (MPS)
  • Über den Referenten


    Robert Walter

    Software Engineer

    Robert is a freelance software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in language development.