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Expert Session - Market Pull

Montag 20.03.2023 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr - 1 Stunden

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Market Pull

How do we do it?


As the largest innovation network in NRW, STARTPLATZ provides guidance and founding expertise to its startup teams and freelancers. By connecting innovators and philantropists throughout Germany, STARTPLATZ helps young startups grow and makes relevant innovation happen on a daily basis. Based on STARTPLATZ' years of experience we offer STARTPLATZ Accelerator as a hands-on program for the most promising tech-startups in our community.


Market Pull – Improve funnel conversion without having to Push

Getting users to signup is difficult and expensive, so converting each one into a retained user is critical. During these three days, we will learn how to improve exactly this:  The conversion from Signup to a Retained user.

Interactive Workshop with Diego de Jódar

  1. Why do users drop after signup

  2. How to identify users at risk of dropping

  3. How to solve some of the common blockers

  4. And how to measure if we solved that blocker.


Even if you didn't launch yet, it's essential to learn the process to have it all ready when you launch.


Coming Back!  Open Accelerator Sessions : Expertise für die ganze Community!

With the Open Accelerator Sessions, we are partially opening up the previously exclusive Accelerator-Program to the entire STARTPLATZ community.


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20.03.2023 von 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr.
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