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VC Office Hour

Freitag 14.04.2023 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr - 1 Stunden

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VC Office Hour

Every second Friday from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. online via Zoom. During each VC Office Hour, a new venture capital introduces themselves and will answer your questions.

Financing and Investment is an indispensable strategy for early-stage startups. The VC office hour will helpyou to understand how financing and investment supports startups to acquire resources, grow their business, increase valuation, enhance credibility, and improve their chances of survival.

In this VC Office Hours we will have an interactive Q&A with B.J. Park from Neoteq Ventures

  1. Introduction of B.J.
  2. Introduction of the Startups
  3. Questions and Answers

B.J. is a founding Partner of neoteq ventures. He has been successfully working with start-ups since 2005 from different perspectives of the eco-system. Having started his professional career in an operational role at a start-up, he transitioned to the investor role over time. He understands what it takes to set up, grow and scale businesses. B.J. is an avid triathlete, husband and father to two. Born and raised in Frankfurt, he has lived in Cologne for over 20 years.

neoteq ventures is an earlystage venture capital firm based in Cologne, Germany. They invest in outstanding teams with exceptional, technology-based companies. They help start-up teams build companies that change industries. They are the first institutional investor for start-ups and support them with capital and know-how right from the beginning.

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14.04.2023 von 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr.
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