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MODXpo 2013

01.11.2013 08:30 - 02.11.2013 18:30


What's it all about?

Creative Freedom. A two-day conference for MODXers, full of keynotes, workshops and great sessions on MODX CMS and how to build great websites.

Who's the target group?

Webdesigners, Frontend-Developers, Developers, Freelancers, Agencies. (The presentations are in English, but please don't panic.)3

What can YOU expect from MODXpo 2013?

- Everybody: MODX, MODX and MODX with a splash of MODX. - Webdesigners, Frontend-Developers, Freelancers & Agencies: Get inside intel on how MODX is able to manage all those buzz word features flying around these days: Responsive webdesign, SEO, mobile apps, HTML5-6-7, your favorite JavaScript framework/tools, LESS, SASS etc. We call that Creative Freedom™. - Developers (Back- & Frontend): Learn more about MODX Revolution, the elusive MODX 3.0 and get your hands dirty with hands-on activities in the break-out rooms. - Community: Meet fellow MODXers and discuss strategies for site/app/world-domination building with others. Have lots of potential opportunities to find partners, employees and employers. - MODX Core Team on the spot: Have a talk with some of the MODX core team members to tell them how MODX saved your life, mariage, buttock (more than one option possible).  

Who are the speakers?

-Ryan Thrash: MODX Co-founder, husband, and dad to two great kids. Passionate about Open Source and cooking over charcoal. - Chris Cherrett: Lead Developer at the UK's Adido who works with European brands such as EasyJet and Haier - Anselm Hannemann: Visionary web developer aiming to move the web forward. He's written for well known magazines like SmashingMagazine and .net on the future of web development. - George Economides: CEO of several companies, active speaker and trainer across the EU working with clients like BMW - Gauke Pieter Sietzema: CTO and developer at the dynamic Dutch digital agency Sterc - Charles Sanders: Dynamic US-based developer, Founder of Somerset, England's, Blaze Concepts. - Steve King: Founder of Somerset, England's, Blaze Concepts. - Susan Ottwell: The grandmother-sage of the MODX community who's helped thousands learn. - Mark Hamstra: Started building cool web stuff as freelancer in 2010. Recently Founder of modmore. - Bert Oost: Well-known MODX community member from The Netherlands, developer, MODX Ambassador & Professional. - Menno Pietersen: Web-designer & developer from Den Bosch, The Netherlands who specializes in responsive web-design. - Mangesh Yadav: India-based developer who's created a comprehensive framework for site theme development. - Mike Schell: From hobbyist programmer in the Content Management industry to product lead of MODX Cloud.  

How can I apply?

Ticketinformation and purchase here. More Information here: http://2013.modxpo.eu/

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