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Ask&Info - mit den Patentanwält*innen von Hohendorf & Kierdorf

Montag 28.08.2023 15:00 - 17:00 Uhr - 2 Stunden


Die Patentanwälte in der Sprechstunde

Bereits seit einiger Zeit haben wir mit dem Sprechstundenprogramm einen wichtigen Baustein zur STARTPLATZ-Philosophie hinzugefügt, bei dem euch jeweils hochkarätige Experten mit Rat und Tat in einer monatlich stattfindenden Sprechstunde zur Seite stehen.

We, the Hohendorf Kierdorf patent attorneys, advise you on all matters relating to the protection of industrial property. Our advice follows a holistic strategic approach that takes your business goals into account, starting with general advice on the types of property rights available and their different effects, through filing and obtaining industrial property rights, to the enforcement or licensing or other commercial exploitation of property rights. Commercial property rights can protect your ideas from imitation, so that your intellectual property is protected as best as possible, especially in the start-up phase of your company. Furthermore, a suitable IP strategy and its implementation will help you when looking for investors


Our offer for startups:
We offer a free initial consultation on all general or specific, case-related topics of commercial legal protection, especially trademarks, designs and patents as part of an individual consultation. As organs of the administration of justice, we are bound to secrecy. Our advice follows a holistic strategic approach, taking into account the business goals of the company to be advised or the planned start-up/spin-off. We offer extensive expertise in all areas of intellectual property including drafting and negotiating license agreements, drafting IP-related clauses in R&D contracts and administering employee inventions.


Target group :

  • startups
  • employers 
  • self-employed / freelancers 

Focus :

  • Intellectual Property
  • intellectual property protection
  • intellectual property strategy 


This is a free offer and is available to all STARTPLATZ members . Do you have questions for Sebastian? Then come by and get a free slot for the next consultation hour! 


STARTING PLACE Cologne: Room Prague 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m 

Registration via sprechstunden@startplatz.de 



28.08.2023 von 15:00 bis 17:00 Uhr.
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