Trusted References

Founded 2022
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IndustryE-commerce & Adtech
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Bei der Suche nach dem richtigen Lieferanten vertrauen Unternehmen gerne den Empfehlungen Dritter. Auch im Dienstleistungsbereich sind Informationen über erfolgreiche Kundenprojekte eine der relevantesten und glaubwürdigsten Marketing-Inhalte.

When looking for the right supplier, companies like to trust the recommendations of third parties. Information about successful customer projects is also one of the most relevant and credible marketing content in the service sector.

That is why the Düsseldorf start-up Trusted References has developed a cloud-based platform with which project references can be created quickly and easily and then effectively marketed as content. Four different reference formats are available, all of which are verified and marked with an official seal of approval.


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