Tvarit GmbH

Founded 2022
Business Model-
IndustryE-commerce & Adtech
Stage unknown

WHO we are

At Tvarit GmbH we have developed an AI Software, consists of 22+ algorithms, for machine sensor data exclusively for the manufacturing industry.

USP of our solution is that it can be deployed within 30 mins because it is very easy to use, even CxO, business analyst, Marketing person or a technician can use it.

Benefits are, It increases machine uptime, production efficiency even optimizes the quality of the manufacturing process, and hence saving huge money and time.

We’re a team of 12 highly qualified data scientists having work experience in NASA, DB, Intel, Qualcomm. We are serving 3 customers and working with 8 channel partners and 2 advisors from Dusseldorf and Berlin.

MEET our team

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