Founded 2020
Business ModelB2B
IndustrySocial Networks & Platforms
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WHO we are

With RAKETENSTART you can solve all legal challenges of your company. We offer you direct digital access to knowledge, tools and our partner attorneys. So you have everything you need to move your business forward - affordably and completely digitally.


OUR pitches

Participated at Rheinland-Pitch Rheinland-Pitch #100 Jubiläumsedition Rheinland-Pitch #100 Jubiläumsedition

Participated at STARTPLATZ Accelerator Batch Batch

Participated at Gründerstipendium Jurysitzung in CGN am 04.02.2020 Jurysitzung in CGN am 04.02.2020

Participated at Gründerstipendium Jurysitzung, remote am 30.10.2020 Jurysitzung, remote am 30.10.2020

Participated at Rheinland-Pitch August-2022 August-2022