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Wpmetaverse.com is an online catalogue of WordPress-made websites and the technology powering them. 


The pandemic in 2020-2021 is pushing small and medium-sized businesses to improve their websites with more advanced features (e.g. appointment functionality). WordPress is the leading website builder currently powering 40% of the internet due to its flexibility and ease of use. However, the core functionalities of WordPress are limited, therefore the users must install plugins (extensions) from different sellers (free and paid) to add features to their websites. The selection of a plugin is a complicated, lengthy, and non-transparent process which is a problem for novices as well as experts in the WordPress ecosystem. 


Wpmetaverse.com is an online platform that allows freelance web designers and digital business owners who use WordPress to: 

Search for a plugin or combination of plugins and find specific examples of websites built with these plugins (there are currently over 50k plugins)

Explore a catalogue of websites in different categories, see what specific plugins they are using to replicate the features.

Find the “recipe of ingredients” powering the websites of peers and competitors.

Get recommendations of alternative and complementary products to grow their businesses.


By looking at real examples of plugins being implemented, freelance web designers and digital business owners can find a suitable plugin faster and in a more transparent way. At the same time, Wpmetaverse.com helps customers avoid compatibility issues between plugins that are usually not evident when one is shopping around only looking at the curated demos the plugin providers show.


On the other side, the digital product sellers (plugin developers, hosting companies, e-commerce software providers) will have a different way to showcase and sell their products. Wpmetaverse.com is a unique approach to connect buyers and sellers.


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