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Founded 2020
Business ModelB2B
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The market for charging infrastructure is projected to grow at 17,5% CAGR between 2020 and 2030, to match electrical vehicles sales increase. Charging infrastructure in cities needs to incorporate a significant share of fast charging to be capable of serving demand, without having an exponential increase on the number of chargers (most chargers currently installed in cities are slow or semi-fast chargers, taking between 4 to 12 hours to charge a car, while fast chargers can do it in less than 1 hour; slow chargers have lower investment cost). 

EaVy Systems develops control solutions to optimize sharing of Fast Chargers, maximizing the number of electrical vehicles that can be charged per charger, while offering high usage flexibility to both users and chargers’ owners. Our solution connects to any fast charger available in the market, sequentially and automatically charging up to 10 electrical vehicles using only one fast charger. 

It offers both charging speed and flexibility, providing an attractive solution for Public Parking, Companies, and multi-family Houses. Drivers can pre-book a charging slot, use priority codes and, to plug their cars to the charging system, do not need to wait for the car already connected to the charger to leave. 

Chargers’ owners like Stadtwerke, Charge Point Operators (install, operate and maintain charging infrastructure) and EMobility Service Providers (offer charging services) will attain higher utilization rates, fostering their return on investment.

The business model is B2B, with 2 revenue stream components: one-time revenues from hardware system and software setup, and recurrent revenues from monthly software license and charging session fees.

EaVy Systems will play an important role in fast charging in cities, since it adds most needed features for users and owners and minimizes the impact of electrical mobility in the electrical grid.


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