References - STARTPLATZ

Dr. Marc Jan Eumann

State Secretary for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media of the State of North RhineWestphalia, Düsseldorf

„As a succesful founding country NRW needs hotspots like STARTPLATZ where innovative business and product ideas encounter with a functioning network.“


Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann

Representative for Digital Economy Affairs of the State NorthRhine-Westphalia, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Industry, Medium Sized Businesses and Handicrafts of the State of North RhineWestphalia

„If you are looking for a place in Cologne where the entrepreneurial spirit of the Digital Economy has its home, you will find it at STARTPLATZ.“


Adrian Hotz

eCommerce Expert & Co-Founder at factor-a

„The community of STARTPLATZ is what makes it special. The name speaks for itself. We experienced it as the very first place to find valuable exchange of knowledge and we can only recommend everyone to use this network and to connect with like-minded people. Here we got to know great people who are now valued/esteemed colleagues at factor-a.“


Adal Abraham

Insurance agent HDI

“In STARTPLATZ you get to know successful startups as well as the ones that fail. In addition, different worlds unite here – from the agile way of working in a start-up to rigid structures of a corporation. I believe that precisely this merging of worlds can lead to great partnerships and networking with people who think innovatively that makes it possible to learn a lot.“


Üwen Ergün

Founder & CEO Kinderrechteforum (KRF)

„You only realize how important a community really is – especially in the early stages of business foundation – when you became a part of it. Not only because you can always find someone who can help you with your problems. STARTPLATZ and its people have become pretty much like a second big family you can rely on and get support from.“


Marianne Ohm

Management codiviti

„I think the most valuable asset of a strong community is the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with like-minded people. The crucial reason why we chose STARTPLATZ as workspace is the access to a huge community and thus the opportunity to connect with other founders, people that are just like us, exciting companies and startup-mentors in a creative and at the same time motivating atmosphere.“


Philipp Reinking

Freelance Software Developer & Founder of BotReach

„For me it’s extremely important to be part of such a big and supportive community. Here at STARTPLATZ I meet like-minded people everywhere who can give me constructive feedback regarding my own startup-projects. This is not only very helpful, but also motivating and one of the deciding aspects for the previous success of my projects.“


Prof. Dr. Richard C. Geibel

Head of Studies Master’s Degree in Media Management & Entrepreneurship at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Cologne

„As a successful and practice-oriented business incubator with its more than 70 startups, STARTPLATZ provides an ideal complement for the Bachelor and Master programs of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. By means of intensive cooperation with STARTPLATZ the claim for an application-oriented education at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is ideally enriched and synergetically extended.“


Thomas Grota

Investment Director, T-Venture Holding

„For the further growth of the startup-ecosystem it needs a place where startups and companies as well as investors encounter, so that both sides can take advantage of the emerging synergies. In NRW STARTPLATZ is one of the leading providers of these startup hubs.“