Why we don't stop at digitalization of processes and products and why #NextWork should be your real challenge.


Digital transformation and structural change yield immense challenges not only for our workforce but for all of us.

According to OECD over 50% of our jobs are at risk to not exist in the future or changing significantly. Facts like this one and many other similar findings are widely present in our media with throughout strong awareness.

However, to be quite frank: Dealing with interesting but unrelated figures and broadcasting loose numbers is way too fluffy.

Instead of driving headline discussions our responsibility as a company (or institution) goes far beyond that.

Our ambition should focus on making a concrete impact on the ground... for the organization, but above all for our employees.

Let us together take the whole topic to a new level.


05.08.2021 von 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr.
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