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There is hardly an industry, hardly a business model that can resist the influence of digitization. Work processes, methods, and routines that have worked successfully for decades are put to the test. Increasing competition has vindicated those who have long parted ways from traditional thinking and are giving rise to digital innovations.

But how can the digital transformation be initiated and implemented in te business world?

The Academy of Digital Transformation gives you the answer to this burning question. A comprehensive seminar program with excellent coaches puts the methods and concepts in your hands and gets you up to date with the digital world so you can optimally take advantage of the opportunities in digital transformation.

  • Experienced trainers and experts with high practical relevance
  • Small groups: max. 12 participants
  • More consultations and individualized services are available



  • Lean Startup
  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Marketing

In 2011 Eric Ries published the book „The Lean Startup“. Lean Startup fundamentally changed the nature of new product and services development. The aim is to identify with the help of this method, which wants and needs a given target audience really has. This is done through the targeted testing of the main hypotheses that represent elementary factors for idea’s the success. Quick adjustments can be thus made possible with Lean Startup, freeing staff to explore new directions. Through validated learning, it is possible to make decisions based on data, rather than speculation.

In the digital world, the relationship between customer and company isn’t over once the product is bought. It lives on through reviews, referrals or criticism on the Internet. Therefore, it is more important than ever to recognize and meet the needs and desires of customers. However, for companies this a constant process of innovation.
With the Design Thinking Method, solutions for complex challenges and issues in the company are created in a six-step process. In these phases, the customer, their needs, and problems remain in focus. In further steps, innovative solutions are developed and tested directly with the target audience.

The Design Thinking Method is not limited solely to product development, it can be used holistically for the development of innovation and problem solving in day-to-day business.

Scrum is a framework approach for project management and relies on flexibility and adaptation in the development process. Primarily, Scrum is used in software development, but is also used in applications where teams are working on a product or service. The Scrum approach is empirical, incremental and iterative, and is derived from the assumption that a development project is too complex to be planned rigidly. Changing needs are clarified on a step by step basis, with intermediate results compared and other solution techniques discovered.

„One cannot not communicate“ said Paul Watzlawick once about human interaction. The same goes for your products and services in the future.

The Internet of Things (IoT) stands for disruptive business processes through innovative technologies. These IoT technologies will profoundly change the way we create, produce, and consume products and services. All sectors will be affected by the structural changes, opportunities, and risks that IoT has in store for companies. The key is to anticipate and react to these challenges in a timely manner.

Digitalization has massively changed the relationship between company/product and customer. The customer has the informational high ground, both as consumers and producers. On the other hand, customer buying behaviour has become more transparent than ever. Various web analytics tools can help. But what does this mean for the company? How must companies react to this challenge?

The classic marketing mix of product, price, distribution, and communication policies is obsolete, marketing must be done holistically. Communication has become more sensitive a topic than ever. Digital Marketing has attained a new significance within the entire business model.

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