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Scrum is, generally speaking, a process model for Product and Project Management. It is an agile working method, which enables a faster and more effective development of products and services.

How does Scrum Work?

Based on the realisation that it is much easier to digest a small bite rather than a large one, work is divided into several packages or Tasks, which are then assigned. In this way, Scrum can help individuals and organisation to organise themselves and the entire team, continuously improving processes and the product.

Scrum has three roles for those participating directly in the process: The Product Owner, (who sets and prioritises the technical requirements), the ScrumMaster (who manages the process and removes obstacles), and the Team (who develops the product). Observers, Advisors, and Stakeholders also have a contributing role.

The aim of each project is, of course, the success of the Product/Project. The requirements for a project are not always clearly described or defined in advance, but rather change over time. The product’s success is achieved with Scrum in that it allows for changing requirements and can respond quickly thanks to short development cycles.

The Agile Approach therefore does not mean foregoing planning altogether, but rather staying consistent with the conditions and requirements of a particular project. The more agile an approach is to a project, the greater the possibility of introducing changes during a project. That is to say: The more complex the design, the more flexible it must be to change. An approach based on agile models, therefore, has an edge over classic approaches, when it comes to very complex projects.


„Scrum in a nutshell“ – was the goal of the STARTPLATZ workshops with Sohrab Salimi, Chief Innovation Officer at SE-Consulting and CEO of bloxx media.

Participants worked in three teams, were inspired and by the interactive workflow and discussions, and learned that while Scrum is simple to learn, it takes a lot of discipline when it comes to application.

„The basic SCRUM workshop explained the basics of a very interesting work concept for constructive and effective teamwork. The very comprehensive theory was clarified by some practical group work. I can apply this immediately to my everyday work.“
– Startplatz Scrum Workshop Participant
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