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Think like a Startup, scale like a Corporate: Interview with Alon Brandman, Managing Director of #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND

17. September 2019, 14:30 :: Aktuelle Trends | Corporate Services

Autor: Kerstin Düpper

Alon Brandman has had touchpoints with the startup world since his early childhood. Born to an Israeli entrepreneur he soon jumped on the startup train, all the while getting to know the various facets of entrepreneurship. Since then he has been an active part in developing the startup scene in Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London, embracing the chance to accompany the top 1 % of tech talents & startups on their journey and also gain valuable experience in working with corporate partners. His accumulated expertise is now to be combined: in the new corporate accelerator #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND, that matches top notch Israeli Industry 4.0 Startups with Mittelstand companies in Germany. We met the Managing Director to learn more about the unique vision of #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND and the official launch on 30th October. 

Hi Alon, #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND is about to launch. Can you elaborate on the contents of the program? 

“Sure. #SNTM is a first-of its-kind initiative aimed to connect Israel’s top 1% Industry 4.0 innovators with German industry leaders seeking to boost their innovation activities. Israel, better known as Startupnation, is in many aspects Europe’s Silicon Valley – a central innovation hub only 4-hour flight from Berlin or London, making it very lucrative for European corporates and investors alike.  

Over 70% of German DAX companies have R&D centers in Israel with a clear goal of identifying and sourcing new technologies directly from this vibrant tech ecosystem. Unlike those industry giants, Mittelstand companies are often limited by resource constraints and do not have access to ground-breaking technologies and disruptive business models which are developed oversea.  

Our goal with #SNTM is to bridge this gap and bring Startupnation´s cream-of-the-crop right to their doorstep.”

What does the program entail and what’s in it for both Israeli Startups and German Mittelstand companies? 

“Well, German Mittelstand and Israeli startups are undoubtedly the champions of their nations –  Mittelstand companies, accounting for 99% of all private companies, are known in research excellence, production and exports prowess and carry the brand of the highest quality world-wide while Israeli startups have a global reputation as being disruptive, flexible and ambitious innovators – we are building a mechanism where they can win, together. 

On a practical level, Mittelstand companies gain access to truly disruptive technologies within their industry and establish a new rapid, cost-efficient R&D channel. Israeli startups on the other hand gain access to world-class engineering know-how, industry expertise and manufacturing capabilities.” 

Can you tell us a little more about the startups that will be present at the Israeli Startup Night on 30th October?

“Absolutely. The startups scouting campaign, led by the Israeli Innovation Authority, which oversees the entire Israeli Tech ecosystem, has resulted in 120+ applications. The cohort startups were offered a spot in the program after a rigorous selection process and truly represent Israel´s top 1% Industry 4.0 innovators. All cohort startups are joining the program with a clear goal to explore growth opportunities in Germany and establish strategic relations with local partners. If you are interested to learn about the most cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies shaping tomorrow´s competitive landscape, this is definitely the place to be!”

What’s the big difference between #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND and most other Accelerator programs?

“There are several very clear distinctions. First, unlike other accelerators who target seed / pre-seed startups, we only target growth-stage startups, those who have already raised over $10mil in venture funding and are currently looking for strategic partners and customers. The essence of the program is completely different, we do not focus on startup 101 essentials but rather on creating scale opportunities. 

Second, our program is not attached to a physical brick-and-mortar location and delivered mostly online, which means the startups do not need to relocate the founding team for the duration of the program, reducing the risk factor.”


#SNTM is powered by STARTPLATZ, the Israeli Innovation Authority and The Israel Economic and Trade Mission in Berlin, joining forces to accelerate innovation through collaboration and strengthen business ties between Germany and Israel.

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