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Reverse Pitch

As the name suggests, a reverse pitch is like a normal Investor-Pitch, but the roles are reversed: that means the startups don’t present their business ideas to an audience of investors, company representatives, startup mentors, or other interested parties, but investors and company representatives pitch their business concept, challenges, and the like, to startups.


Reverse Pitch – with Investors

Investors and startups switch sides in this format. Investors present themselves and their priorities. The audience consists of startups that are looking for financing, and hope to gain an impression of the potential investors in this way. The format is called a „pitch“, because the structure of the event is similar to a normal investor pitch. there is a certain time limit for each presenter (e.g. 5 min.) for the presentation as well as for the subsequent question and answer session.

Reverse Pitch – with Companies

STARTPLATZ in Cologne has taken the Reverse Pitch format and extended it to companies. In this format, company representatives introduce themselves in pitch-style (7min presentation, 7min Q&A). In this particular form of reverse pitch at STARTPLATZ, the focus is on the challenges companies face in the context of digital transformation. The aim of the format is to convey the digital challenges of the respective companies to as many startups and multipliers of the startup scene as possible, and to encourage innovators from the startup scene to find solutions for the company.

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