Stipendiaten im Interview - DropUrPin - STARTPLATZ - STARTPLATZ

Stipendiaten im Interview – DropUrPin – STARTPLATZ

10. Dezember 2016, 17:32 :: Allgemein

Autor: Olga Rube

Wir versorgen euch mit den neuesten Startups in unserem Haus: Unsere Stipendiaten des Gründerstipendiums Runde #11 im Interview.

Startup Name: DropUrPin

Team:  4

Ideenstart: December 2015

Standort: remote

Die Idee in einem Satz: DropUrPin is an international recruitment agency dedicated to matching ambitious and talented individuals to exciting projects in start-ups and top companies around the world or remotely

Ein produktiver Tag startet nicht ohne: priority list

Meine drei Hashtags: #remotework #jobsabroad #inspiration


  1. Welches spezifisches Problem kannst du mit eurer Idee lösen? Gib uns einen Use Case?

DropUrPin finds for ambitious professionals jobs in start-ups and top companies around the world or remotely. We offer personal placements in which we aim to enrich the professional and personal qualities of our candidates. We are convinced that the experience of working in an international environment has a long-term positive impact on candidates’ careers. For example, candidates benefit from improved intercultural competence, intellectual flexibility, knowledge of the newest technical developments and become inspired, all of which regularly feature as required skills for companies looking for new recruits.


  1. Was hast du vor der Gründung beruflich gemacht?

I worked in several marketing agencies across different counties as an Account Director. I have a strong background in development of brand, product and cross-communication strategies to creative development and media implementation.


  1. In welcher Situation kam der Geistesblitz für deine ursprüngliche Idee und dein Impuls, die Idee weiterzuentwickeln?

The original idea for DropUrPin dates back to December 2015, when I was on the lookout for a service just like it. After working in Australia, Paris and London, I had already worked abroad for international companies for several years. It was clear to me that it was possible to do this job effectively remotely in co-working spaces while traveling around the world.

The hunt for an agency that offered project-based placements failed, despite the fact that on-demand services are a growing market. Current providers are typically job portal sites that offer poorly paid work. Because I was unwilling to put either my career or the trips on hold, I began to think about how to bring candidates and companies together in this way that both benefit from each other.


  1. Mit welchen Herausforderungen warst du als erstes konfrontiert?

The first challenge was jumping into the start-up jungle and that meant that I had to sacrifice the sense of security I had previously enjoyed as an employee.

Life in a start-up is white-knuckle stuff and not very predictable. Hence, one should resign themselves to the idea that it is best to simply enjoy the ride.

The second big challenge, and something that became clear very quickly in the early stages, is that’s important to dispose the idea of perfectionism as it can slow the whole process down.

For us that meant that our initial concept’s potential was difficult to predict and so in the beginning we consciously launched a simplified website first. Here, we had to overcome our fears and deliberately take a product to market that we knew was not perfect. As such, we were delighted by the resoundingly positive responses we got even at that early stage.


  1. Wie sehr bzw. in welchen Punkten hat sich dein Konzept von der ersten Idee bis zur Gründung verändert?

Since the first idea the business concept stayed the same. We realize that DropUrPin offers a service people are interested in. We are delighted that every day we are getting lots of new registrations from top talents around the world. International partners are reaching out to us for cooperation opportunities and the first start-ups requested job placements through our talent pool. Overall the feedback is very positive. So far we don’t see the need to change the business concept. What we will change is our website and extend our service. We want to build a platform, where candidates can exchange their experience and find like-minded people.


  1. Wie sieht dein nächster Meilenstein aus?

We are currently reaching out to big player and successful start-ups around the world to win them for our talents. It would be great to work with a company like apple, google, trivago, etc.


  1. Wenn du noch einmal von vorne anfangen könntest, gibt es irgendetwas, was du anders machen würdest? 

It was my first start-up and as every entrepreneur can confirm, you learn a lot while starting your first business. I wish that I knew what I know now when I started.


  1. Wie bist du auf den STARTPLATZ gekommen?

When looking for co-working spaces and events for entrepreneurs and Start-ups. Startplatz was one of the key addresses in Düsseldorf.


  1. Was oder wer hat dir im STARTPLATZ am meisten bei der Umsetzung deiner Idee geholfen?

Starkplatz is a very inspiring environment with interesting people where entrepreneurs can exchange their experiences.


  1. Wie beurteilst du die Rheinische Startup-Szene und was wünscht du dir noch?

It is an increasing community. I think the quality of workshops could be better.


  1. Wenn du Startups und Gründern noch einen Tipp geben könntest, was wäre das?

To keep it short: Networking, perseverance and optimistic outlook are our three tips.



Kommende Events

  • Friday, 12.08.22, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
  • Remote per zoom call,

  • Friday, 12.08.22, 17:00 - 22:00 Uhr
  • STARTPLATZ, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Köln

  • Monday, 15.08.22, 17:00 - 19:00 Uhr
  • Die Session wird als Zoom Meeting stattfinden. Den Link erhältst Du nach der Anmeldung, via u.a. Eventbrite-Link.

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