From the heartland of innovation to Germany: #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND brings 10 Israeli startups to the Rhineland

25. Oktober 2019, 15:58 :: Aktuelle Trends | Corporate Services

Whenever the drivers of innovation in the Rhineland are concerned, the name Dietmar Becüwe is likely to come up. Prior to founding the db.I.S.T., a consulting agency that specializes on innovation, strategy and technology, he worked as a Business Development Manager at Hewlett Packard, where he was able to apply his extensive expertise in strategy and transformation projects. Being involved in numerous associations, organizations and initiatives, one of his personal affairs of the heart is promoting and nurturing a culture of innovation in Germany – and for that matter, as part of the advisory board at remote accelerator #STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND, bringing the top 1 % startups from Israel to the Rhineland. In an exclusive interview Dietmar Becüwe provides us with an honest assessment of the selected startups.

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16. Oktober 2019, 12:22 :: Corporate Services | Veranstaltungen

What opportunities do corporate companies have to break out of traditional structures and make room for innovation? With their unconventional methods and innovative business models, startups offer a change of perspective and fresh impulses. A team from BuyIn visited STARTPLATZ on September 10th for an Innovation Day to experience the startup spirit and to integrate a piece of it into the everyday corporate life.


„We want to make a change and increase the medical quality provided by hospitals“: Accelerator Team Batch #19: 5/5 – CardioConform

10. Oktober 2019, 14:30 :: Accelerator | Community

Philipp and Martin knew that they wanted to start their own business latest since they supported founders in the healthcare environment at RWTH Aachen. With their startup CardioConform, the two founders fulfilled their dream and now aim at improving databases and analysis as well as transferring business analysis concepts to the medical world in order to make a change and improve the medical quality provided by hospitals.

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